Accuweigh is the largest largest provider of weighbridge services in Australia and we take servicing and calibrating weighbridges very seriously with weighbridge crews and weighbridge test trucks located in all states.

Accuweigh's highly trained service technicians are fully experienced in all facets of weighbridges, including: Weighbridge Installs, Weighbridge Servicing, Weighbridge Repairs, Weighbridge Extensions and Weighbridge Relocations.

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Weighbridge Service & Weighbridge Testing
Weighbridge Service & Maintenence Needs
Regular weighbridge servicing is often overlooked to the detriment of the most expensive components of a weighbridge – the weighbridge load cells.
Weighbridge Repairs
Weighbridge Repairs & Load Cell Upgrades
Accuweigh’s branches in all mainland states specialise in weighbridge repairs and weighbridge load cell upgrades.
Weighbridge Upgrades
Weighbridge Extensions
Weighbridge extensions can be a viable financial alternative to replacing an existing weighbridge to allow longer trucks to be weighed.
Weighbridge Relocations
Weighbridge Relocations
Weighbridge relocations can be a very cost effective solution for clients wishing to relocate existing plant and equipment to a different site.


Weighbridge Certifications
April 10, 2014
A Weighbridge Certification was recently performed after the weighbridge had been fully serviced and tested by Accuweigh’s QWM ... More.
Vehicle Weighbridge
March 12, 2014
A Vehicle Weighbridge is being used for weighing deliveries of scrap metal at a recycling facility in Seaford, South Australia. ... More.
Weighbridge Loadcell Upgrade
February 28, 2014
Weighbridge Loadcells were recently replaced on a five deck weighbridge for a transport company located in Central Queensland. ... More.
Weighbridge Load Cells
February 10, 2014
Weighbridge Load Cells were recently upgraded for a quarry in the Illawarra district of New South Wales. Performed by ... More.
Weighbridge Certifications
February 05, 2014
A Weighbridge Certification was recently completed on two weighbridges located at a coal mining site in South Western Queensland. ... More.
AccuCell Weighbridge Loadcell
December 13, 2013
Weighbridge Loadcells were recently replaced on a weighbridge used for weighing stock feeds in Northern New South Wales due to a ... More.
Public Weighbridge Servicing
September 24, 2013
A Public Weighbridge was recently serviced and tested by Accuweigh’s QWM branch in Brisbane. To comply with National Trade ... More.
Weighbridge Testing
August 13, 2013
Weighbridge Servicing is available locally for clients located in Western Australia’s Great Southern region. Accuweigh’s Albany ... More.
Weighbridge Remote Display
July 18, 2013
A Weighbridge Remote Display was recently upgraded to a high visibility LED model to increase reading visibility for truck ... More.
Weighbridge Service
July 10, 2013
Weighbridge Service Contracts have been won by Accuweigh’s QWM branch in Brisbane for maintaining three existing Weighbridges ... More.


Weighbridge Damaged
June 27, 2013
A Weighbridge recently required repairs due to excessively heavy truck braking damaging the end stops fitted to the weighbridge ... More.
Weighbridge Load Cells
May 22, 2012
Weighbridge Load Cells needed to be replaced due to flood damage and excessively heavy braking by trucks. Accuweigh’s QWM branch ... More.
Weighbridge Servicing
April 18, 2012
A QWM Weighbridge was recently serviced at Newcrest Mining’s Cracow Mining Joint Venture in Central Queensland. The Weighbridge ... More.
Weighbridge Load Cell Replacement
March 28, 2012
A scheduled Weighbridge Service led to the discovery of two faulty Load Cells in a South-East Queensland quarry Weighbridge. ... More.
Weighbridge Load Cells
February 28, 2012
Weighbridge Load Cells were recently upgraded on four x 250t capacity weighbridges at the Blue Scope Steel site in Port Kembla, ... More.
Weighbridge Repairs Underway
February 17, 2012
An ageing concrete deck Weighbridge at Hanson’s Brandy Hill quarry was recently repaired by Accuweigh’s Newcastle branch. The ... More.
Weighbridge Foundations Damaged
February 13, 2012
A Weighbridge’s foundations were being compromised in Western Australia by the flow of underground water eroding soil. ... More.
Removing Weighbridge Deck
January 13, 2012
A heavily rusted Weighbridge deck was recently replaced at a quarry in Brisbane’s northern suburb of Petrie. Supplied by ... More.
Weighbridge Repair
October 31, 2011
A steel deck weighbridge recently required significant repairs caused by metal fatigue breaking welds on the steel weighing deck. ... More.
Weighbridge Testing
October 26, 2011
A weighbridge located at Tarong Power Station in South East Queensland was recently serviced, tested and certified for trade use ... More.


February 14, 2012
Accuweigh's Perth branch performed an equipment upgrade on an existing weighbridge to the client's satisfaction. ... More.
Used Weighbridge
January 30, 2012
A Used Weighbridge was recently relocated to Boral’s Peats Ridge quarry in Gosford, on the New South Wales Central Coast. ... More.
truck access platform
January 17, 2012
Truck Access Platforms are providing increased driver safety on a weighbridge at the Hemmant depot of SEQ Hauliers’ in Brisbane. ... More.
Weighbridge Servicing
December 12, 2011
Two QWM Weighbridges were recently serviced and Hansen’s Nerang Quarry on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The Weighbridge Service was ... More.
Weighbridge Repairs
November 24, 2011
One of the Weighbridge decks at the RTA’s Marulan checking station was recently repaired after a lightning strike. Accuweigh’s ... More.
Weighbridge Service
August 19, 2011
Accuweigh’s QWM branch in Brisbane recently serviced and calibrated two weighbridges at the Gold Coast City Council’s Arundel ... More.
Weighbridge Load Cells
February 09, 2011
A weighbridge at the Tritton open cut copper mine in NSW was recently repaired by Accuweigh’s Newcastle branch. ... More.
Weighbridge Testing
October 25, 2010
Accuweigh is Australia’s largest supplier of weighbridges and specializes in weighbridge testing, service and calibration. ... More.
Weighbridge Repair
October 04, 2010
Accuweigh’s QWM branch recently completed weighbridge repairs to a busy paper recycling plant in Brisbane. ... More.
Weighbridge Extension
August 10, 2010
Accuweigh’s Adelaide branch recently completed a Weighbridge Extension for Kimberley-Clark’s Tantanoola Pulp Mill. ... More.