Onboard Weighing Systems
Onboard Weighing Systems

Onboard Weighing Systems will be Accuweigh’s focus at the upcoming WA Hay Day being held on Thursday the 1st of March 2012, at the Bridgeley Community Centre, in Northam, Western Australia.

As well as hosting a stand displaying a variety of Onboard Weighing Equipment, Accuweigh’s National Sales Manager, Bill Ambrose, will be presenting on a variety of issues that grain and hay producers now face since the introduction of the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation and its impact on the agricultural industry.

The Chain of Responsibility legislation (CoR) is far reaching and can implicate persons and businesses that are only remotely involved with an instance of an vehicle found to be overloaded, including:

  • The driver and the owner of the vehicle
  • The business consigning the goods
  • The persons/business that loaded the vehicle
  • The persons/business receiving the goods

Onboard Weighing Systems can help to increase vehicle load carrying capacity while also eliminating instances of accidental overloading.

Accuweigh has a diverse range of Onboard Weighing Systems available to suit every possible vehicle weighing application. Highly trained and experienced staff will be in attendance to discuss all vehicle weighing applications.

For further information regarding the WA Hay Day and to register, please go to ‘Events’ on www.afia.org.au or Phone 03 9530 2199.