Onboard Weighing System
Onboard Weighing System

An Onboard Weighing System was recently supplied to a Melbourne engineering firm for fitting to a new truck for Boral. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Springvale North branch, the Onboard Weighing System is being used to weigh the contents of material in the truck’s body.

Comprising four heavy duty load cells fitted between the truck chassis and the hopper body, the Onboard Weighing System assists in the accurate dispersal of a rubber compound that is added to freshly laid bitumen. A digital weight indicator and wireless remote display allows hand held control over the weighing process from outside the truck.

Accuweigh’s Onboard Weighing System is a highly advanced electronic measuring device that is able to detect a change in weight of just a few kilograms, yet is rugged enough to provide years of trouble free operation while mounted on the back of a truck travelling tens of thousands of kilometres per year.

No matter what you onboard weighing requirement, Accuweigh can provide a cost effective weighing solution to suit both your accuracy needs and your budget.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company and has staff located in eight branches across Australia specialising in the sales and service of Onboard Weighing Systems. Accuweigh is the exclusive Australian distributor for the UK based PM Onboard range of onboard scales and weighing equipment. 


Onboard Weighing Systems