Pallet Scale Service
Pallet Scale Service

Pallet Scale Service is available from Accuweigh branches in all mainland states. As Australia’s largest industrial weighing company, Accuweigh has extensive industry experience with scale service and scale repairs on all types of scales and weighing equipment.

Pallet Scales were recently serviced by Accuweigh’s QWM branch in Brisbane at the Simon National Transport depot in Carole Park, Queensland. The Avery A500 pallet scale was serviced and tested with certified test weights to found to be operating correctly and with high weighing accuracy.

Pallet scales with the load cells bolted into a rigid frame can be fairly easily damaged by external side forces impacting on the weighing plate – such as when a fork lift drags a heavily loaded pallet across the weighing deck (in any direction). Even though the scale can usually be re-zeroed and may appear to be operating correctly, there is a high likelihood that the weighing accuracy in the scale’s higher weighing ranges has been compromised.

Another problem that adversely affects pallet scale operation is a build-up of rubbish and material under the weighing deck that can also affect weighing accuracy. Regular scale service and testing will pick up weighing irregularities that could be causing significant losses to the owners of the scales.
Accuweigh has experienced and trained staff located in eight branches across Australia ready to service and/or repair all types of scales and weighing equipment.