Conveyor Scales
Conveyor Scales

Conveyor Scales were recently installed at the Manilla Sihayo Gold Mine Project in South East Asia. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Perth branch in Western Australia, the Conveyor Belt Scales are based on a single weigh idler design with an expected accuracy of +/- 1%.

To assist with commissioning of the Conveyor Scales, Accuweigh sent a fully trained Engineer to site in Manilla to ensure the installation and commissioning were completed to the highest possible standards.

Accuweigh’s MBSX Conveyor Scales use two double ended shear beam load cells manufactured in stainless steel for strong corrosion resistance in aggressive environments. The load cells use a six wire input to allow the weighing integrator to apply compensation for ambient temperature changes affecting the resistance of the cables over very long cable runs.

A friction driven jockey wheel belt speed sensor transmits belt speeds to the Conveyor Scale’s weight integrator to offset changes in belt speed from affecting weighing accuracy. Suitable for nominal material feed rates up to 200tph using a 900mm wide belt, Accuweigh’s Conveyor Scales are designed for heavy duty weighing applications.

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