Weighbridge Repairs Performed
Weighbridge Repairs Performed

An ageing concrete deck Weighbridge at Hanson’s Brandy Hill quarry was recently repaired by Accuweigh’s Newcastle branch. The extensive Weighbridge Repairs included replacing the foundation’s concrete head walls which were starting to crumble after many years of operation.

Accuweigh’s highly competent Weighbridge crew performed the repairs during the recent Christmas break to eliminate any interruptions to this important client’s production output. To enable the concrete headwalls to be replaced in the shortest possible time, the Weighbridge deck was lifted out of position for improved access.

The damaged Weighbridge headwalls were jack-hammered out, the existing steel rio was also tied into the new concrete headwalls before high strength concrete was poured. While the concrete was curing, the Weighbridge Repairs also included sand-blasting and painting of the structural metal beams of the Weighbridge deck.

New conduit was also fitted to the Weighbridge’s freshly painted beams for protecting the load cell cables from accidental damage by foreign objects. The Weighbridge was craned back into position and the end stops were then bolted into position and correctly adjusted to limit Weighbridge end-to-end movements.

The Weighbridge was then fully calibrated using test weights from Accuweigh’s Weighbridge Test Unit and then certified for Trade Use. The Weighbridge Repairs started on the 28th of December and the Weighbridge was returned to service on the 3rd of January – taking only seven days during the holiday period.

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