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The Importance of Future-Proofing Weighing Equipment 2018-07-31 - Suncoast Gold - 1
Date: 08/09/2018

A macadamia nut processor in Gympie, Queensland, recently asked AccuWeigh to increase the maximum capacity of a trade-approved pallet scale in their factory. The increase in maximum capacity was necessary because the processor had started packing larger pallet loads. Unfortunately, the capacity increase to 3,000kg was not possible because the existing pallet scale did not … Read more

AccuWeigh Making a Difference to the Lives of Critically Injured Children 2018-07-18-Day-of-Difference-2
Date: 08/02/2018

$500 was donated to the Day of Difference Foundation by AccuWeigh to support their valuable work to reduce the incidence and impact on children from critical injuries. The donation was made as part of AccuWeigh’s A Higher Cause initiative, now celebrating its tenth year. The Day of Difference Foundation is our Chief Executive Officer’s most … Read more

Sweet Outcome for Queensland Sugar Mill 2018-06-28 - Rocky Point Sugar Mill - 1
Date: 07/26/2018

A weighbridge, located at a south-east Queensland sugar mill, was recently refitted with all new load cells. The old load cells, Avery T302X load cells, were working well at the time. However, their age, replacement price and lengthy unavailability (no stock is held in Australia) should a breakdown occur would mean that the weighbridge down-time … Read more

NSW Biomass Fired Power Station Operations Supported by New Weighbridge 2018-05-30 - Cape Byron Power - 2
Date: 07/19/2018

AccuWeigh recently constructed, installed and commissioned a new dual range weighbridge at one of Australia’s largest biomass fired power stations, located on the NSW north coast. The power station generates 30MW predominantly using sugar cane milling waste and other biomass fuels. The weighbridge is installed on a remote location away from any mains power, and uses … Read more

Weighbridge Maintenance Case Study 2018-05-28 - Dalby Bio - 1
Date: 07/12/2018

AccuWeigh was recently asked to perform a service visit to a weighbridge, west of Brisbane. When our technician arrived, they found a weighbridge in need of regular maintenance. A build up of material beneath the weighbridge had been allowed to accumulate to the point that the weighbridge performance was being affected. The build up of … Read more

Weigh Hopper Calibrations and Safety Go Hand in Hand 2018-05-02 - Weigh Hopper Calibrations - 1
Date: 07/05/2018

Weigh hoppers are often large containers mounted on load cells. Occasionally, their design may accommodate for easy calibration with the placement of test weights at or near ground level. Often, however, test weights used to calibrate the scale must be placed at height, which represents a significant risk to any service technician. The safety of … Read more

Loader Scale Calibration 2018-05-02 - Loader Scale Calibration - 1
Date: 06/28/2018

AccuWeigh recently calibrated a loader scale on a front-end loader. The loader and weighing system will be used at a demolition site to weigh rubble and to load dump trucks with optimal loads in preparation for transportation to the materials recycling centre. AccuWeigh is able to perform loader scale calibrations in situ, and in this … Read more

Equipment Upgrade for Brisbane West Quarry 2018-05-02 - Hanson Ferny Grove - 2
Date: 06/21/2018

A twin-deck weighbridge, located at a quarry in Brisbane’s west, recently had equipment upgraded to more modern and efficient models. Namely, a single AccuWeigh IT8000E indicator was supplied with multi-deck software to replace two older A&D AD4323 indicators, which were each only able to display the weight of a single deck. The IT8000E, which has … Read more

Dual Weighing In-Motion Weighbridge for North Queensland Copper Mine 2017-11-27 - Byrnecut - 2
Date: 03/26/2018

AccuWeigh recently manufactured and commissioned a heavy-duty, dual weighing in-motion (WIM) for a North Queensland Copper Mine near the Gulf of Carpentaria. The WIM is specifically designed to weigh the concentrated axle loads of fully-loaded mine vehicles prior to unloading. The engineered design ensures that none of the load cells are used beyond their rated … Read more

AccuWeigh provides Boral with bridges to a better operation Boral 1
Date: 03/22/2018

AccuWeigh recently commissioned two quad-deck weighbridges at Boral’s ‘mega quarry’ at Ormeau, south of Brisbane. The 28 m long weighbridges enable the quarry to legally weigh vehicles, including B-Doubles, and efficiently process a large number of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) each day. The weighbridges provide Boral with essential technology at its Ormeau Quarry operation. As … Read more

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