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Dual Weighing In-Motion Weighbridge for North Queensland Copper Mine 2017-11-27 - Byrnecut - 2
Date: 03/26/2018

AccuWeigh recently manufactured and commissioned a heavy-duty, dual weighing in-motion (WIM) for a North Queensland Copper Mine near the Gulf of Carpentaria. The WIM is specifically designed to weigh the concentrated axle loads of fully-loaded mine vehicles prior to unloading. The engineered design ensures that none of the load cells are used beyond their rated … Read more

AccuWeigh provides Boral with bridges to a better operation Boral 1
Date: 03/22/2018

AccuWeigh recently commissioned two quad-deck weighbridges at Boral’s ‘mega quarry’ at Ormeau, south of Brisbane. The 28 m long weighbridges enable the quarry to legally weigh vehicles, including B-Doubles, and efficiently process a large number of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) each day. The weighbridges provide Boral with essential technology at its Ormeau Quarry operation. As … Read more

New, State-of-the-Art Batching System for Iconic Brewery 2018-02-27 - XXXX - 3
Date: 03/16/2018

Anyone involved in manufacturing will appreciate the important role that weighing technology plays at critical control points and how it has evolved to enable organisations to achieve their commercial goals and stay competitive. The major changes in weighing are highlighted in the way data is now collected, distributed and used. The team at AccuWeigh understand … Read more

Recycling Weighbridge Calibrated at Waste Transfer Station 2018-02-27 - Remondis Chandler - 3
Date: 03/11/2018

A weighbridge at a Brisbane refuse station used for weighing vehicles with recyclable materials was recently calibrated, adjusted and reverified by AccuWeigh. The weighbridge was calibrated using AccuWeigh’s weighbridge ‘calibration test rig’ unit which is a prime mover with a trailer designed to safely transport mostly 2 tonne test weights and a forklift. Although Australian … Read more

Calibration Visit to NSW Macadamia Farm 2018-02-27 - NWT Foods - 1
Date: 03/02/2018

One of the many important services that AccuWeigh offers is calibration of weighing systems, both big and small. Calibration is the process of determining the relationship (that is, the error) between the weight reading and the weight on the weigh receptor. Organisations can only operate with confidence when they are certain that they can rely … Read more

Community-Minded Sydney Recycler Utilises a Wheel Wash for Its Vehicles Envirorecycling
Date: 02/21/2018

AccuWeigh recently commissioned an automated Bridge 400W wheel wash system for a Sydney-based construction material recycling centre. The recycling centre ordered the wheel wash system primarily to prevent track-out, that is, the unintentional movement of mud and debris from their premises on to surrounding public roads. The elimination of track-out was an important consideration for … Read more

AccuWeigh supplies high pressure wheel wash to BHP Wheel Washers
Date: 02/12/2018

AccuWeigh recently supplied, installed and commissioned another of its popular AccuWash Bridge 400EX  mobile wheel wash systems for BHP Billiton at Jimblebar, an iron ore mine in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.  This wheel wash system efficiently removes the heaviest track-out – that is potentially hazardous material build up – on wheels, axles, tyres … Read more

Regular Weighbridge Servicing is Essential 2017-12-18 - Zanows - 4
Date: 01/22/2018

Weighbridges are heavy industrial weighing devices engineered and designed to accept fully loaded vehicles, sometimes up to 80 tonne in capacity. Their construction of steel and concrete is hard-wearing and strong. However, their robust design doesn’t negate the necessity of regular servicing and calibration. What can happen to a weighbridge that isn’t serviced regularly was … Read more

Fresh Food Manufacturer Uses Waterproof Scales for Ingredient Portioning Scales image
Date: 12/14/2017

Five waterproof, trade-approved bench scales have been recently supplied to Nutrifresh, a leading fresh food manufacturer based in Brisbane. The fresh food manufacturer supplies prepared meals for aged care, Meals on Wheels, hospitals, motels and restaurants and uses the scales to ensure the correct portioning of ingredients. Waterproof weighing systems are popular in the food … Read more

Mobile Scales Speed-up Luggage Processing at Brisbane Airport
Date: 11/17/2017

AccuWeigh recently supplied 17 quality mobile floor scale weighing systems to Virgin Australia at the Brisbane Domestic Terminal. The portable scales, which can be easily manoeuvred, will enable the airline’s staff to process more luggage for their customers during peak periods, such as Christmas, when queues at the regular luggage processing terminals are stressed. This … Read more

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